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Potential Analysis

The Assessment and Development Center is a potential assessment and development solution specifically developed for evaluation of best candidates for promotion decisions and succession plan, determining training needs, individual report and feedback that includes the selection of executive candidates, determination of young talents and the organization of sales teams.

İş Analizi Görsel

Organizational Analysis

Assess the potential and performance of your organization and business processes with a new generation of workplace analysis, employee engagement and satisfaction research, internal customer satisfaction analysis solutions. Plan concrete actions for individual and organization-based development with strengths and development areas reports.

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Talent Management

Talent management enables the execution of all human resources systems and processes in a unified and systematic manner. Our solutions include competence model development, generation of job descriptions, competence and target based performance assessment system, career planning and backup system, training and development systems, and talent pool development solutions.

Eğitim Ve Gelişim Sistemi Oluşturma

Training and Development Programs

Competency Based Training and Development Programs that prepare the next career step in line with your employees ‘ development plans and instantly value the current training needs. Management and leadership trainings, human resources training programs, individual development trainings


Change Management

Change management consultancy includes solutions that evaluate the efficiency of the human resource, the potential of managing the work and change process, together with the effectiveness of business processes and redesign the organizational structure to enable companies to reach their corporate objectives in varying business conditions and high competitive environments.

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Individual Career Consultancy

Individual career counseling is a consulting service that determine the direction and objectives of the individual in business life in line with the past business experiences with a realistic criterias and, in the framework of these criterias, it aims to define key competencies, which are strengths and development areas to reach a goal with course of actions related to future career opportunities.

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